Become a UNP monthly donor and bring equity and inclusion to BIPOC and low-income youth
through trusted long-term mentoring relationships and meaningful outdoor experiences all
year long!

Recurring gifts provide the consistent funding necessary to give our community’s marginalized
youth the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a deep mentor connection and time
spent outdoors. This combination promotes confidence, resiliency, problem-solving skills, social
competencies, academic success, curiosity-driven learning, environmental awareness and
knowledge, and leadership skills. All of which prepare the youth in our programs to better
succeed in their community, school, and career, and to take lifelong advantage of outdoor

When donating, simply select the “Make this a monthly donation” option. All amounts, large
and small, make a meaningful and powerful impact throughout the year!

Your donations will go toward providing weather appropriate clothing and footwear, outdoor
equipment, educational supplies, nutritious meals, transportation, rental equipment, park
passes, activity fees, camp scholarships and stipends for our older youth mentoring program.
Questions? Please contact Karin Cereghino at