Our recruitment season for our 12th cohort of outdoor mentors CLOSED ON May 19, 2024but please get in touch with us ASAP to see if we can still squeeze you in!

This year, we are aligning with the needs of our communities in East Portland and recruiting for two kinds of mentors: 1:1 mentors for 9-11 year old youth with a 2+ year commitment, and for the first time, small group mentors for youth 13 and up with a 1-2 year commitment.

Read the new position description HEREand learn more about our eligibility requirements and the intake process HERE. If you have questions or are interested in starting an application, email Director Kristin Bowling at We can’t wait to get to know you!

Interested in contributing your talents behind the scenes to a grassroots, growing nonprofit that’s dedicated to youth empowerment and social and environmental justice, on a non-hierarchical and fun team where you can build your skills? Consider applying to join the waitlist for our Board of Directors.
Get all the details HERE. If you have more questions or are ready to apply, contact Board President Cam Luck at

Learn more about our outdoor mentoring model below:

Like in more traditional mentoring programs, Urban Nature Partners mentors are adults that want to make a difference in the life of a young person by spending time with them to earn trust and build a caring relationship. They play this role primarily in an outdoor setting, working with their mentee in a way that is responsive to their interests, abilities, and background, and helps them make guided choices that will build their well-being, self-confidence and problem-solving skills. UNP mentors become a part of a network in a young person’s family, community, and school life, and help open up the possibilities that exploring urban nature on their own terms provide for learning about oneself and one’s place in the world.

If you are an adult  who wants  to share the urban outdoors with a young person in 4th grade and beyond, help build social and environmental justice in your community, and become a part of an amazing group of like minded and passionate folks, then becoming a UNP mentor might be for you!

Want to learn more about any mentoring, volunteer, staff, or internship opportunity? Contact Founder and Program Director Kristin Bowling: email or 541-281-7162.