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Urban Nature Partners PDX empowers youth from marginalized Portland communities  in 4th grade and up to make meaningful connections in the urban outdoors through one-on-one mentoring relationships, family inclusive group events, and access to partner programs and leadership opportunities.

Now more than ever, Black Lives Matter, deep relationships matter, access to the healing power of nature matters, and building community through racial, cultural, and youth equity matters! Read a special message from UNP Director Kristin Bowling HERE.

Learn more about our program in this  KBOO radio interview with former Development Coordinator Dasha Foerster and Director Kristin Bowling, and in this blogpost on the Intertwine Alliance’s website.


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At UNP-PDX, we are dedicated to enhancing outdoor experiences for our mentors, families and the communities we serve. In our first two years, we asked our youth, mentors and families to answer

survey questions about our program. These surveys proved to us what anecdotal evidence suggested: that our families and mentors are seeing positive change in their youth. In the first year, the time our youth spent outdoors led to a 13% increase in environmental awareness. In addition, in their first six months alone, our mentors and families saw a 10% increase in our youth’s problem solving and relational skills.

When asked to write about how seeing their mentor every week has changed them, our youth answered, “I liked that my mentor was confident because it made me feel confident.” and “I feel more comfortable talking to adults now.” They also reflect upon the importance of being outdoors in their lives: “Being with [my mentor] takes the technology out of my mind.”

One of the strongest impacts of our program has can be seen in the families of our youth. Some of the comments we have received from the families include, “Urban Nature Partners has shown [our family] how much we can do enjoying the outdoors—helping us relieve a lot of stress from everyday life,” and “Since having mentors who focus on the outdoors and the environment, our girls are more knowledgeable and excited about animals, plants and the outdoors.”

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